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How can you support the Scottish School Meals Service?
Scottish School Meals consists of all local authority catering organisations in Scotland, from Dumfries and the Scottish Borders to the Highlands and Argyll & Bute. We cover all of Scotland.

We value your input! Get involved today!

Scot’s Origin

We’ve created our Scot’s Origin brand as a way of highlighting local provenance and the fact that we are proud to highlight Scottish produce in our school meals services.


You’ll see this brand appear on packaging and promotional material as well as being used on labels for Scottish foods and drinks. Scottie dogs are territorial and feisty, as well as being independent and intelligent. Just the attributes for our own Scottish brand.


If you are interested in using the Scot’s Origin brand in your school or on your Scottish product contact us!

Scottish School Meals Week

Scottish School Meals Week is back! Scottish School Meals Week this year will take place over 5 school days from 31st -4th November 2016. Every local authority and school in Scotland should be taking part. Pupils and Staff alike are invited to take place in competitions and events to get involved in some of the fantastic initiatives that are happening across Scotland.


Click the link to find out what is on each day, and get involved!

The Schools Act 2007. What does it mean?

The Act means that the school catering service has to create a balanced nutritious menu over a full week. The school meals service cannot sell Confectionary or carbonated drinks, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t create tasty and delicious meals – we can add spices to add flavour to meals – we have sourced great produce from a range of suppliers across the UK and we still aim to produce favourites like fish and chips and steak pies, but as part of a balanced diet rather than an everyday choice.


We also understand that food culture in this country has changed, with the move to more snack/finger foods. All our secondary school menus include many of… 

Obesity in Young Adults

150,000 school-aged Scottish children are obese. There’s approximately 670,000 children at school – a quick calculation shows that nearly a quarter of all Scottish children are, therefore, overweight. It’s not just a Scottish phenomenon. It’s a worldwide problem –  but, as a nation we are number two behind the US – second in the world when it comes to Obesity!


Not surprisingly, statistics show that children from our most deprived communities are more obese, and that gap is widening. 


Dr Catherine Calderwood, the Chief Medical officer of Scotland said a drop in obesity rates amongst primary one children had only occurred because of the higher rate of decline in…

Diet & Fitness

There are loads of faddy diets out there each promising a greater weight loss than the other. But what is more important than cutting out carbs or fatty foods entirely, is that we try to, where possible, eat a balanced diet of healthy unprocessed foods whether we are on a diet or not. It’s simple common sense. Tied in with exercise, eating the right food is the best way to keep from being obese.


So here’s our advice – when you can, eat unprocessed (a.k.a. natural,   wholesome) food. Delicacies – for example, cheese or chocolate should only be eaten in small portions as a treat. Control your portion size to a sensible dinner plate (i.e. enough but not piled high). Exercise every day in…

Recipe Of The Month

Coconut Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry Served with Rice and Flatbread and Homemade Mango Chutney


Created by Margaret Shreter with Reuben Dimmer, age 10 from Callander Primary School

Red Tractor Chicken Meat diced 240g

Sweet Potatoes 100g

Green Chillies 20g

Shallots 20g


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