Scottish School Meals | About
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Who are we and what do we do?

Our Mission

Our aim at Scottish School Meals is to provide information on the meals service across Scotland and to create a discussion about the innovative ideas that will help shape the services in the future. We will encourage healthier lifestyles through education, we organise events and activities with schools all over the country to get children and young adults more involved and we will work with businesses to bring new and healthy products into the school meals service.

We Provide Learning Resources

Through our many events and competitions we generate design work, posters and campaigns that we can then pass on to schools. We will have campaign and healthy eating materials, as well as blank or customisable posters in our Resources section, which schools and students will be free to download! Watch out for these over the next year.

Scottish School Meals Week

Scottish School Meals Week (SSMW) will be offered to all councils in Scotland – some will do all promotions – some may pick whichever they want to do. All events have been created to highlight the good quality of the school meals service across Scotland.

SSM & Your Business

Calling all suppliers of Scottish provenance. If you would like to be accredited to our Scot’s Origin scheme and brand, get in contact! We’d love to see our Scottie dog featuring on lots of products.