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North Ayrshire

North Ayrshire

North Ayrshire Council are committed to continually improving school meals and to encourage young people to use school meal service rather than go to local traders for lunch. In order to obtain feedback from the pupils they held an educational competition with a ‘Dragons Den’ panel judging each presentation.

The competition was a month long process where teams of pupils learned about branding, merchandising and customer service etc. In effect we wanted the pupils to look at this as a business challenge. How in 2015 would they set up the school catering service? We worked with the top two teams from Largs Academy and Irvine Royal Academy to put their ideas into action, and this project is now being followed by other local authorities across Scotland, including Stirling, Dumfries & Galloway and East Ayrshire.

We asked the pupils to:

Create a Brand name – Vision, Mission and Brand values

Create a list of key products or services  – the product mix

Create advertising campaign ideas

Create a plan as to how you will use various media

Create merchandising ideas

Create a mood board to show the style of the brand

Create a price Strategy

Largs Academy’s winning ‘Streat Food’ brand was launched in January.

Now, North Ayrshire Council have gone further by launching its new ‘Savour’ brand across all secondary schools and external catering operations.

‘Savour’ is all about great tasting food, much sourced from the local area. North Ayrshire Council are also working with Taste Ayrshire and local suppliers to showcase the best of Ayrshire provenance, and have recently worked with Taste Ayrshire to create a hot food outlet, at the Scottish Ladies Golf Open at Dundonald Links. The outlet featured an Ayrshire burger recipe that one of the pupils had devised as part of an inter school competition.


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