Scottish School Meals | School Meals – Why Are They Good For You?
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School Meals – Why Are They Good For You?

School Meals – Why Are They Good For You?

In Scotland, school meals must follow legislation on the health promotion and nutrition of food in schools, in turn encouraging healthier lifestyles in school children through education. This coincides with the fact that Scotland has a vision of becoming a good food nation that will ensure that future generations become much healthier and contributing citizens.

So what do school meals offer our children?

As per the legislation, Scottish school meals are much more well-balanced and nutritious using carefully sourced, quality ingredients. This allows schools to create much more flavourful meals using a range of ingredients and spices at much more affordable prices as well as being able to follow food trends in Scotland!

It’s also been proven that by providing children with tastier and healthier school meals, that there are proven benefits in educational attainment

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