Scottish School Meals | The Obesity Challenge
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The Obesity Challenge

The Obesity Challenge

Obesity is on the rise. The latest Scottish Health Survey shows that 65% of adults aged 16 and over are overweight, 28% of which are obese. And for children, it’s not much better! Aged between 2 to 15, 17% of children were at risk of being obese while a further 14% were at risk of being overweight.

The statistics are scary and with the annual cost of obesity estimated between £0.9 billion to £4.6 billion per year, Scotland needs to lose weight. Obesity is well known to be associated with various health conditions, particularly type II diabetes which is at an all-time high in Scotland.

But fixing the problem doesn’t just lie with the government through the proposed sugar taxes and healthy initiatives in schools such as The Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) Act. The food culture in Scotland needs an overhaul alongside the fact that today’s ‘obesogenic’ environment is also a large factor.

Therefore we need to all work together to tackle this obesity epidemic in Scotland. Schools and caterers need to work to help educate children on the benefits of living healthier lifestyles and the problems associated with obesity. As does the wider community outside of schools. A much healthier approach is needed. The food and drinks industry also needs to take effective action to persuade consumers to live healthier lifestyles as they have a social responsibility to the consumers to help them make informed decisions.

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