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Meat Free Stories

Meat Free Stories

Meat Free Mondays and Meat Free Weeks are fast becoming the norm for many. There are various reasons behind this for each individual from environmental and ethical reasoning as well as the reported health benefits.

For a lot of people however, it actually gets them thinking about what goes into their food and where it comes from, encouraging them to make healthier meals at home from scratch instead of buying convenience or fast food.

In a BBC article titled ‘The Rise of Part Time Vegans’, 32 year old Luke Graham from Cardiff states his reasons for going vegan for a month “half ethics and health, and half experiment… I used to put a slab of meat and veg under the grill most nights. Now my cupboard is full of pulses, which has taken some adjustment.”

He also comments that “I definitely feel like I’ve got more energy and feel less bloated, but I also feel very hungry most of the time”, breaking down the misconception that vegan diets leave you undernourished and feeling hungry.

For more stories about going vegan full or part time, check out these links:

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