Scottish School Meals | Is Cutting Down on Meat Good for Your Health?
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Is Cutting Down on Meat Good for Your Health?

Is Cutting Down on Meat Good for Your Health?

It’s generally believed that the vegetarian and vegan diet is much healthier than that of a diet which includes meat, but why is this and is it true?

The idea that vegetarian and vegan diets are restrictive is not necessarily true, especially today, thanks not only to the expansive range of vegetarian and vegan dishes that we are being introduced to thanks to diversification. You only need to walk through a city centre in the UK to see a number of different types of cuisines on offer from various countries throughout the world, from Thai to Caribbean. This has led to a much greater demand for a much broader range of foods on offer in your local supermarket, particularly in fruit and veg, but also in foods of the worlds. This means that the once possibly limited diets of vegetarians and vegans has expanded significantly.

But does that necessarily make for a healthier diet than that of a meat eater? There are a number of factors when looking at what cutting down, even just by one day a week, could do for your health. By introducing a more balanced lifestyle into your diet for instance, your intake of fruit and veg is more likely to exceed the recommended 5-a-day, as well as cutting down your chances of getting a number of illnesses such as cancer. A varied diet with less meat would also see a reduction in saturated fats, fatty acids and sugars which can be found in most processed meats.  Cutting down could therefore result in a lessened chance of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and type II diabetes, something which is alarmingly on the rise amongst children in the UK.

Research has indeed proven that there are significant to a vegetarian or vegan diet, and that cutting down on your meat intake can definitely increase your chances of living a much healthier lifestyle! So why not take on the challenge today?!

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