Scottish School Meals | Cashless Catering for Improving Food Waste
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Cashless Catering for Improving Food Waste

Cashless Catering for Improving Food Waste

In Scotland, large number of schools have been using cashless catering systems when paying for school meals, and with the advantages that this inevitably brings to the staff and pupils, there are ways that cashless catering can be used to monitor food waste.

If used properly, cashless catering has the potential to make a big environmental impact for food recycling. For instance, it will allow schools to put systems in place where pupils can pre-order their lunches, cutting back on excess food being cooked and prepared. It will also allow school staff to determine which meals are the most popular with their pupils, eliminating options that are not sought after which result in more food waste.

This will not only save school catering staff time, but it will help save money, both on the foods that are not needed as well as the costs of recycling the waste.

This isn’t new to Scotland however as schools in East Renfrewshire have already put this into practice and have reported a noticeable reduction in the amounts food waste being produced.

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