Scottish School Meals | Educating Children on Food Waste
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Educating Children on Food Waste

Educating Children on Food Waste

It’s important to raise awareness in children about the issues with food waste, especially in schools, and there are a number of things that schools can do to get children involved and to help reduce waste.

For example, some schools in England have started initiatives that involve using food waste to provide breakfasts for their pupils, tackling hunger in impoverished areas, helping the children get enough energy to learn. You can read about this here:

Another example is for schools across Scotland to create learning initiatives aimed at eco-campaigns. Some schools that have already started this have created tasks from monitoring the waste in their schools and trying to come up with ways to combat this. They’ve also been educated in what can be recycled out of their waste, and come up with systems to ensure as much of it is recycled as possible by organising school trips to recycling centre and landfill sites!

By introducing interactive learning about waste in schools, this will help children become much more aware and proactive about recycling and the environment!

Find out more about their efforts here:

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