Scottish School Meals | Homelessness in Scotland
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Homelessness in Scotland

Homelessness in Scotland

Despite the fact that Scotland is seen to be one of the world leaders in tackling homelessness, recent Scottish Government figures have shown that almost 35,000 people made homeless applications in the last year, with over 17000 of those being children and young people.

A re-evaluation is therefore necessary in figuring out how Scotland change this. Various factors that have been seen to be contributing to the rate of homelessness in Scotland are issues such as a lack of new social housing being built to meet demands, low wages and zero-hour working contracts, however more must be done to ensure that homeless applicants can get the support that they need.

And this isn’t just including the applicants. There is also Scotland’s hidden homeless, those who are sleeping on sofas, in doorways or in spare bedrooms, and as the name suggests, the numbers of those are unknown. What’s also worrying is that a third of Scots apparently believe that the main reasons behind homelessness are alcohol and drug abuse, when in reality just 10% of homeless people cited the reason for their situation as alcohol and drugs.

A large social change needs to come into effect if Scotland is to tackle the issue of homelessness and in order to achieve this, all levels of government, the public and those involved in housing services will need to work together.

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