Scottish School Meals | Unilever and The World Food Programme
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Unilever and The World Food Programme

Unilever and The World Food Programme

Unilever launched a partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP) in 2007, the world’s largest humanitarian agency for fighting hunger funded by voluntary donations. And since then, Unilever has raised over $26 million for the cause!

In recent years, Unilever has worked with the WFP to improve people’s quality of life through hygiene, sanitation, access to clean drinking water and nutrition in accordance with the WFP’s aim to deliver food in emergencies and work with communities to build resilience and knowledge of food and nutrition. In 2013 alone, the WFP assisted more than 80 million people across 75 countries!

Their partnership has also succeeded in creating an impact on fighting hunger through education, teaching school children better hygiene and nutrition habits. They have made it their mission to identify unmet nutritional needs of school children and find ways to fulfil those needs.

In 2015, 20,000 children in Indonesia were given a donated school meal, over 220 farmers were properly trained in growing good quality produce and attendance rates were seen to improve at schools that were assisted by the WFP.

More recently, Unilever through their brand Knorr, have announced their plans for World Food Day ran by the WFP to supply one million school meals to children in need. This is particularly important as the school meals will not only provide school children with improved nutrition and an incentive to go to school, but it will teach communities about the importance of nutrition and how to create nutritious meals from the environment around them.

The CEO of Unilever, Paul Polman has described their motivation behind this initiative:

“Enhancing livelihoods and improving our positive social impact are key elements of our Sustainable Living Plan; and this includes our responsibility to addressing global issues such as food security and poverty alleviation. Knorr’s partnership with the World Food Programme on World Food Day is an initiative that will help us drive positive long-term change and give children access to the nutritious food that can help them reach their full potential in life,”

World Food Day couldn’t be more important, offering the ability for the strengthening national and international solidarity in the struggle against hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

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