Scottish School Meals | Ways to Avoid Food Waste
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Ways to Avoid Food Waste

Ways to Avoid Food Waste

There are various methods you could use to help you get on top of your food waste at home, helping you to save money and make the most of what you buy! Here are some tips on how to do it:

Understand food dates! Check out our blog here on finding out what the dates on your food really mean.

Rotation! By rotating the food that you buy, ensuring that you use up the oldest food first, you are much less likely to have to throw out food that’s had time to expire because you’ve forgotten about it.

Check the packaging guidelines! By clueing yourself up on the proper storage of your food, you’ll help prolong its shelf life!

Freezing! Check if your food is suitable to be frozen. By freezing foods, you prolong its expiration, just make sure you freeze it before its Use By date to avoid food poisoning.

Be a smart shopper! Check the dates on food when you’re buying your food! When shopping, ask yourself if you will use it all by the Use By date, and if not, check if there is another item with a later expiration date.

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