Scottish School Meals | What Can I Recycle?
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What Can I Recycle?

What Can I Recycle?

It’s important to understand what can and cannot be recycled to ensure that any food waste you do have can be recycled efficiently. Below is an example of some items that can and cannot be recycled. However, be sure to check with you local authority on other items that they may be able to recycle too!


All cooked or uncooked food waste and plate scrapings

Meat, fish and bones

Fruit (including fallen fruit from your garden) and vegetables

Dairy products such as cheese

Eggs (including shells)

Bread, cakes and pastries

Rice and pasta

Pet food

Tea bags and coffee grounds.



Plastic bags

Tin foil

Cling film

Packaging of any sort

Large amounts of liquids like soup, oil or drinks

Pet waste or bedding.

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