Scottish School Meals | Nutrition
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The Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) (Scotland) Act 2007 – What does it mean?

The Act means that the school catering service has to create a balanced nutritious menu over a full week. The school meals service cannot sell Confectionary or carbonated drinks, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t create tasty and delicious meals – we can add spices to add flavour to meals – we have sourced great produce from a range of suppliers across the UK and we still aim to produce favourites like fish and chips and steak pies, but as part of a balanced diet rather than an everyday choice. 

We also understand that food culture in this country has changed, with the move to more snack/finger foods. All our secondary school menus include many of these snack items, from baguettes to paninis and from hot dogs to wraps.

Scotland has led the way in the UK on producing healthy balanced diets in the school meals service – our menus, unlike those in schools across the border, are created under statutory guidance. – some of our services have been leaders in creating menus from sustainable and local sources, and all our school meals services are constantly striving to produce the best quality meals at affordable prices.

Scottish School Meals consists of all local authority catering organisations in Scotland, from Dumfries and the Scottish Borders to the Highlands and Argyle & Bute. We cover all of Scotland.